I'm an American Cinematographer who began my life in entertainment when I was 12 years old. That was when I discovered the fun of playing with light and music through my Dad who taught me photography, bought me a Minolta Camera with a Macro Tamaron Zoom, and a Fender Stratocaster in San Fransisco where I grew up. I quickly started playing live music in Blues Bars and Jazz Clubs throughout my time in middle and high school, and began photographing and audio recording all of my art-centric experiences on cassette tape, then on mini-discs.  

In '97, on a scholarship, I attended the New School Jazz Program in NYC at 18yrs of age, while also studying Acting and Playwriting at HB Studios with Salem Ludwig who brought me up to the Actor's Studio where I worked, and watched the sessions led by the likes of Harvey Keitel, and Estelle Parsons. One solitary discipline, I soon learned, wasn't enough for me.

After many years acting in Theatre in NYC, and acting in neumerous independent films, I attended a two year Film Studies program in California at C.O.M.   I eventually wrote, directed, acted, edited, and scored my thesis film with one of the first Sony Hi8 Camcorders.  It was during the very first day on set that I discovered my true passion was filmmaking, as it encompassed in many ways, all of the Arts most important to me. 

After this experience I had an opportunity to take part in Theatre and Film in Paris, Beijing, Rome, and London.  I lived in Europe for seven years, the whole time filming and photographing my experiences, as well as playing Jazz Music in small jazz clubs such as Autour de Midi, et Le Caveau des Oubliettes, while also composing original songs and recording albums.

I returned to America in the end of 2011, and since then my work as a cinematographer has been an eclectic mix of narrative features, short films, music videos, live concert films, music education videos, promos, and web content.

I like to immerse viewers into the subjects' experience, whether fictional or real.  I constantly chase the feeling of being there. My life as a musician has greatly informed my sense of timing within the framework of composition, movement, and narrative.  My life as an actor, excavating language, and motivation has tattooed the performers view into my soul, and I am very much an "actors cinematographer". I dance with the actors.

My objective as a collaborator is to create variety, and a "newness" of looks that help a diverse set of directors and producers tell their stories, and for actors, or musicians to promote their art.

Being an early adopter of digital cinema cameras, I'm comfortable with rapidly changing technology, and I have extensive experience shooting with all production cameras. 

I own and operate an Arri Alexa Mini, MoviPro, and AntiGravityCam.