Jorel O’Dell is a Narrative, Commercial, and Music Video Cinematographer, known for groundbreaking technologies in camera movement with the AntigravityCam. His most recent projects include “BIRTHDAY CAKE” as AGC Operator for DP Sean Price Williams, “ASSIST” as AGC Operator for DP David Wolfgang, and as DP for: Blumhouse Film’s “HURT” (2018), SYFY’s Digital Pilot for “Expiration Date” and “Resistance” (2018), #MeToo Movement Short Film “Me Tambien” (2019) Adonis - “DUES” Spy-Thriller Music Video (2018), Adidas “Adizero Campaign” (2018), Vital Proteins “Feed What Moves You” Campaign (2018), MeUndies “Every Woman” and “Spring Collection” Campaigns (2018), as well as Disney’s D’Capella “Trashin’ The Camp”, The Killers “RUT”, Janine “Never The Right Time”, Karri Kimmel “HIGH, Local H “Innocents” featuring Michael Shannon, and Francisco The Man’s “Progress” Music Videos. He was a Camera Operator for “Spillover – Zika, Ebola & Beyondon PBS NOVA Channel.

“My objective as a collaborator is to create variety, and a “newness” of visual language that help a diverse set of directors and producers tell their stories.”

Jorel owns and Operates an Alexa Mini, MoviPro Gimbals, and AntiGravityCam with Alpha 1 Wheels for Remote Head operation.